Zürich has an impressive zoo. Photo: Jean-Luc Grossmann/Zürich Zoo
Zürich has an impressive zoo. Photo: Jean-Luc Grossmann/Zürich Zoo


Zürich with the kids

Want to play paleontologists, explore the rainforest or play soccer at the FIFA museum? Zürich is a great family destination, with lots of fantastic things to do for children and adults alike. Here are just a few of them.

Zoological and Paleontological Museum

Here you can stroke, touch and examine animals of all shapes and sizes – from microscopic insects to giant crabs, from jaguars to extinct mammoths and dinosaurs. You’ll find stuffed animals galore, accompanied by the sounds of animal calls and bird song, while in the paleontological section you can see fossils, skeletons and the dinosaurs that lived in Switzerland in prehistoric times. There’s no café, but you can bring your own food for the lunch room.

Zoologisches Museum der Universität Zürich

Karl Schmid-Strasse 4, Zürich

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Top playground

If the kids want to play and you’re in need of a break from pushing the stroller around the steep narrow streets, the playground at Fortunagasse in the old town is a hidden gem. With comfy benches and shady trees, it’s a great place to enjoy a snack and a rest.


Fortunagasse 13, Zürich

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Photo: FIFA Museum

FIFA World Football Museum

Soccer jerseys in all colors of the rainbow, trophies and all the highlights and dramas of soccer history await you here. If you’ve got a child who’s mad about soccer – or if you’re a fan yourself – FIFA’s football museum is a must. As well as interesting perspectives on the impact of soccer, it also has a game zone, a bistro, a store and a sports bar.

FIFA World Football Museum

Seestrasse 27, Zürich

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Kafi Für Dich

Zürich is so full of trendy bars and stylish cafés, you can’t always be sure where it’s OK to take the kids. The Kafi Für Dich café in the Langstrasse district is an urban oasis for families with children and for other folks too. It has a relaxed atmosphere, good coffee and a popular play area with puzzles, drawing equipment, chalk and other fun stuff to keep the little ones occupied.

Kafi Für Dich

Stauffacher 141, Zürich

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View from Lindenhof. Photo: Shutterstock

Swings with a view at Lindenhof

From the beautiful Lindenhof in the old town, you can enjoy views of the towers of the Grossmünster church, picturesque old town houses, the River Limmat and the hustle and bustle of the riverside walk. Then there are swings, chess, fountains, shady trees and lots of space to run about and play in.


Lindenhof, Zürich

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Photo: PR

Franz Carl Weber Toy Store

For more than 135 years, Zürich’s legendary toy store has been selling everything a child’s heart could desire, with fantastic marble runs, remote-controlled robots, Playmobil, teddy bears, dolls, rocking horses, play food, and anything else you could possibly imagine. Franz Carl Weber is an experience in itself, and if you’ve got kids who deserve a treat, there’s no better place.

Franz Carl Weber

Bahnhofplatz 9, Zürich

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Masoala Rainforest i Zürich Zoo. Foto: Corinne Invernizzi/Zürich Zoo

Zürich Zoo

Although there are many places you’ll find a good zoo, Zürich Zoo is one of the more impressive. A highlight is the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park, which is big, beautiful and luscious green both inside and out, and you can watch the elephants under water here. The Madagascan Masoala Rainforest area, where you can walk freely among the animals and plants, is also an extraordinary experience, and then there’s the petting zoo, aquarium, exciting landscapes and 350 different species of animal to see.

Zoo Zürich

Zürichbergstrasse 221, Zürich

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Kids in Bäckeranlage. Photo: Vasile Cotovanu/flickrCC


You can easily spend a few hours in the pleasant and hip Bäckeranlage urban park, where you can keep everyone happy as you enjoy the café and the playground. There’s a sandpit and swings right next to the café’s long outdoor tables, plus water play, a carousel, climbing frame, slide and plenty of green space.


Stauffacher/Feldstrasse, Zürich

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