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Aviation brings people together and drives business. The challenge is to find ways for us to continue to fly and look after the planet at the same time. The answer to a more sustainable air travel lies in innovation, and here at SAS, we want to lead the way.

Summer is when many of us take the opportunity to travel and explore the world. Travel is a mind-opening experience and flying has many benefits, by connecting communities, cultures and people in a time-efficient way. For you to be able to fly in a more sustainable way, we as an airline must ensure that our flights cause minimum damage to the environment – this requires innovation and creativity along with keeping sustainability in mind, in everything we do.

By 2030, our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 25%. The most visible sign of our ambitions is our considerable investment in more environmentally-friendly aircraft, which emit up to 18% less CO2. Changing the interiors of the aircraft to reduce weight, hence fuel consumption and encouraging the pre-order of meals onboard to minimize waste and weight are two further measures we have taken.

Fossil-free fuel is also key to lower CO2 emissions, which is why we want to use as much biofuel as we can in the coming years. Today’s technology allows us to fly on bio-fuel, but the volume available is not even close to what’s needed. To that end, we’ve come to an agreement with Preem to help ensure supply and furthermore we’ve also recently formed a partnership with Swedavia and the research institute RISE initiating a common path towards increased biofuel production. 

Looking further ahead, innovation and new technology is needed to reach zero emissions aircraft. I’m proud that Airbus has chosen SAS as its partner in the recently announced joint research project for the development of partly or fully electric aircraft. 

Meanwhile, for those emissions we still can’t eliminate, we’ve introduced carbon offsetting for all our EuroBonus members. This means that we now compensate 44% of all passenger-related CO2 emissions.

We promise to do all we can to make your air travel more sustainable. Welcome on board!

Rickard Gustafson
President & CEO, SAS

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