The sport highlights in 2020

Here’s a 2020 bucket list for sports fans. Time to hit the road.

The Four Hills (28 Dec–6 Jan)

Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsburck, Bischofshofen. The four hills of the aptly named Four Hill Tournament, a mini tour of Germany and Austria, that ski jumpers have dreamed about winning since 1953.

Innsbruck, Austria

Chicago Cubs Baseball Day Game (30 March)

The Cubs home stadium, the Wrigley Field, is as fabled a sports arena as they come. However, it’s also located a stone’s throw from Lake Michigan and fall evenings can get really chilly. The Cubs have turned their day games into a fine tradition. In fact, while they’ve called the Wrigley Field home since 1916, they only played their first night game there in 1988.

Chicago, USA

Grand Prix of Monaco (24 May)

You don’t need to own a big yacht to attend the classic Formula 1 race – but it helps. Tickets are expensive, but you can always stay in Nice, not a bad option.


Tour de France (27 June–19 July)

While the world’s most famous cycling r ace is serious business on the road where the best athletes give their all to write history, by the side of it, the Tour is all about having fun. Cheer, dress up, make signs, get free stuff from sponsors – and see France.

Paris, France

Wimbledon (29 June–12 July)

Strawberries and cream, grunting players, royalty in the stands, and tennis on grass. Then some more strawberries. “Silence, please.” The biggest tournament in the world is a must-attend event for sports fans beyond just tennis lovers.

London, Great Britain

Olympic games in Tokyo (24 July – 9 Aug)

The wait is over. After four years, it’s time once again for the world’s fastest and strongest athletes to compete in the Summer Olympics. Historic moments are created, world records are broken and with such a wide variety of sports on offer, there’s something for everyone.

Summer Olympics, Tokyo

Karjala hockey tournament (5–8 Nov)

The Finns go nuts when it comes to the Lions, the national hockey team. A good way to experience Finland is to attend the four nations tournament they host every year on Father’s day weekend (the second Sunday in November, the same as in Sweden and Norway). Book tickets for Sunday’s Nordic derby between Finland and Sweden.

Helsinki, Finland

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