Active activities you should try on your next trip

The turn of a new decade is a great time to form a new habit, whether it’s trying out something new, going all-in with something you love already, or just taking a mental and physical step back.


Electric biking is a great way to enjoy nature. With the help of a motor, you can go farther and reach new destinations. Besides expanding your territory, you can also include steeper hills where there is no fear of running out of steam. It's like ordinary biking – but easier. You can even do parts of Tour de France on an e-bike.

You're able to reach cozy cabins just 1 hour outside of Helsinki in Finland. Photo: Clément Morin

Local excursions

Hiking and rambling are easy in much of the Nordic region thanks to the “freedom to roam” right. This allows the general public to access certain public or privately owned land and lakes and rivers for recreation and exercise. Trips don’t have to last for days on end, just make an excursion to a local river or lake, for example. Just open the door and greet the great outdoors. And remember not to leave behind any picnic wrappers or other rubbish.


Sometimes just spending time with your loved ones is enough. Whether with friends or family, being together is an important part of enjoying life. For some, this involves cooking and eating, while for others it may be board games or outdoor excursions. The best times are to be had where everyone can take part according to their ability. The most important thing of all is that nobody is staring at a screen.

Why not explore the nearby nature in a kayak on your next trip?


Using canoes, kayaks or boards is a fantastic way to get close to wildlife. In clear waters you might even spot large fish stalking their prey. The hardest part is getting into and out of your kayak or other vessel, so beginners are well advised to ask for help from a friend. Paddling the seven-mile long Juniper Run in Ocala National Forest, in Florida is a memory that won’t fade away.

Play at the golf course next to the snow covered Mont Blanc in Chamonix. Photo: Shutterstock

Alpine golf

The Alps offer fabulous views – so fabulous in fact that you might even forget about any mishit shots. Another advantage of golfing in the Alps is that the ball flies farther thanks to the thin air. Besides the views, that’s one reason people love to play golf in the Alps. The Crans Montana course in the heart of the Swiss Alps is one of the most spectacular courses on the European Tour schedule.

Ski touring is a great way to reach untouched slopes and fresh powder.

Ski touring

More and more alpine skiers these days want to go uphill without assistance, too. Or, to put it another way, they go ski touring. For some it’s an endurance sport, where you almost run uphill on skis at a maximum heart rate. For others it’s a way to access untouched slopes and fresh powder. Zermatt in Switzerland is a region where you can do ski touring year-round. Riksgränsen in Sweden is another option.

Fat biking

Fat biking was developed in Alaska to make it possible to cycle in snowy conditions. The tire pressure is reduced when there’s lots of snow on the ground and the tires are made harder for solid surfaces. This makes them grip well in all conditions. Many ski centers have fat bike routes for those looking to try the discipline. Finnish Lapland offers several exotic trails. So do the Dolomites in Italy.

The activities for adrenaline seekers: Downhill biking.

Downhill biking

Downhill mountain biking is still seen by many as an extreme sport, but bike parks always include routes for beginners. Downhill cycling is done standing on the pedals and keeping one’s fingers on the brakes. Many centers also include enduro routes that also require you to pedal in some places. The Hafjell Bike Park in Lillehammer is one of the best.

Explore the Alps by foot, away from the slopes.

Alpine hiking

Spectacular mountain views are reason enough to go hiking in the Alps. The only equipment you need is a backpack containing a snack and a drink. Most trails pass by small shelters where you can take a break or even enjoy a bowl of goulash. Excursions can be made lighter by going up in a ski lift and hiking downhill. Many alpine hikes end up at a hotel restaurant. Try Tyrol in Austria.

Thanks to skin skis cross-country skiing is expected to become even more popular. Photo: Shutterstock

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is experiencing a new boom thanks to skin skis. Their wax-less “furry” coating makes these skis significantly easier to care for than traditional, waxed ones. Suddenly skiing is fun again and you can enjoy the surrounding scenery! Sälen is one of Sweden’s most popular destinations for a reason.

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