SAS flight attendant Felix Jansson
SAS flight attendant Felix Jansson

Photo: Magnus Glans


SAS Talents: The magic ingredient

SAS flight attendant Felix Jansson has quite a few tricks up his sleeve – and if you’re lucky, he’ll share them with you onboard.

At just 22 years old, Felix Jansson is already a seasoned magician. He received his first box of magic tricks when he was five and although he was immediately intrigued, he stopped practicing after a trick went wrong at a party. Five years later, he saw a magic show and began practicing both old and new tricks as well as venturing further, reading books and watching ­videos. Felix realized he wasn’t just really good at magic, he also enjoyed performing.
“I contacted the Swedish ­Magic ­Circle,” says Jansson. “And I became a member after spontaneously performing at their show in Kungs­träd­gården in Stockholm. I also started to compete in magic competitions and ­received a lot of help from my mentors, Leif Olberius and Tim Star.”

Through teaching him new magic as well as how to build magic acts and the theatrical parts of being on stage, Jansson’s mentors were key to his development as a magician, which eventually led him to greater success.
“I practiced for hours and hours before competing,” explains Jansson. “And as soon as I won one competition, I started creating new acts for the next one. “I’ve won multiple competitions in Sweden and Scandinavia, and I have been in the top two in Europe,” he adds.

A lot of things go into magic compe­titions, depending on your tastes. Some people like to speak, while others choose to be silent as they perform. Jansson likes to incorporate music, in part because it makes it easier to perform internation­ally. There are also time limits – no shorter than five minutes and no longer than 10 – and if you don’t stick to the time frame, you’ll be disqualified. You can compete in multiple categories and stage magic can be anything from grand illusions to sleight of hand.
“If you want to compare judging in magic to something else, figure skating is probably the closest,” Jansson explains. “Everything from the quality of the magic to the uniqueness, the level and stage presentation and theatri­cality are part of the judging. Even what you wear and how it fits with your onstage character or story are important.”

Being onstage and performing is something he loves, particularly seeing people’s reactions.
“When time permits, I even perform on flights,” says Jansson. “It’s not only fun to see peoples’ reactions – the kids get so happy and the adults, including my fellow crew members, become children for a few minutes. It’s a way to give people a different experience and a flight they’ll remember.”

Felix Jansson will keep making magic, both onboard and on the ground – and if you’re lucky, you too may experience the whimsical joy of seeing a trick well done when you fly. 


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