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SAS is all about giving travelers what they want in all areas, and it’s no different when it comes to SAS Lounges. With the domestic SAS Lounge in Oslo and the SAS Gold Lounge in Copenhagen now open, it’s time for a “road test.”­

"The first thing you notice is how refreshed things look and how much more welcoming it is.” International business traveler Lars Eegholm, CEO of the Danish disruptive startup Dribe, has been a EuroBonus member for 16 years, flying between 30 and 40 times each year, both for pleasure and business.

He recently visited the newly renovated SAS Gold Lounge in Copenhagen shortly after it opened and says the changes have taken it to another level. 

“It’s much leaner and more minimalistic,” Eegholm says. “The furniture and general décor are much lighter, with a lot more seating and many more areas for whatever you want to do.”

Eegholm says the first thing you notice is the massive new True Traveler wall in the downstairs entrance, on which information flows about everything from the number of passengers boarding at that moment to inspiration for your next trip. 

But what he really appreciates are the choices available to him.
“Whatever you want to do – work, sleep, relax, eat or just kick back with a cup of coffee from the barista – it’s all there,” Eegholm says.

“The café and barista area was a splendid move by SAS – you can still make your own cup of coffee but it’s great to have this service. It welcomes you on a much higher level.

“The new dining area presents the food in a much better way. It’s particularly great for business travelers who get to the airport early in the morning so they don’t miss their flight – they can grab a good breakfast in a lovely atmosphere before flying out.”

In addition to the dining area and the café, Eegholm notes that the newly-optimized seating in general works well to address the different needs of travelers. 

“The lounge chairs behind curtains let you relax while the meeting rooms let you work privately, which is important to me because when I want to work, I don’t want to be bothered by noise from other people. It’s also good having phone booths where you can make calls in private.”

It was two years ago that SAS decided to expand the domestic SAS Lounge in Oslo. It was clearly too small and the decision to renovate it coincided with SAS management deciding to implement a new -design and service concept for lounges. The concept takes in all that SAS has learned from travelers and the result is a lounge concept that fully meets their needs.

“We wanted to create a new modern experience in our lounges,” says Thérèse Lorenius, VP Product & Services at SAS.
“This means we’re constantly working on improving the customer experience in the lounges and developing the design, which is inspired by Scandinavia. In other words, we continue to listen to our customers and deliver what they want, which we understand is wide and varied – the results are lounges that address -myriad needs.

“And because our guest volumes are constantly increasing year-on-year, we have extended several lounges and also optimized seating capacity to create spaces for every mood and social setting. We want our travelers to feel welcome and inspired when they enter the lounges,” she adds.

Two years of hard work have resulted in a range of new services and features, one of which is the Daylight Booster Zone, the high-tech lighting concept offered in partnership with Signify, where you can get an energy boost or recharge from your jetlag using light. You can also work here and get daylight therapy to counteract the dark Scandinavian winter. The Daylight Booster Zone is located in the new workspace area in the SAS Gold Lounge. 

SAS has driven innovation since the very beginning in 1946, and the Innovation Hub, which features the latest technology from Panasonic, is a reflection of this. With a constant eye on new trends and behavior, the Innovation Hub is an immersive playground that serves as a great source of inspiration for new tech ideas to bring home or to your workplace. What could be more perfectly suited to entre-preneurial Scandinavia? 

While Oslo and Copenhagen have fresh new looks, Stockholm was renovated in 2015. New lounge features will be introduced as part of an ongoing long-term redesign, and while every SAS lounge, including those in Paris, New York and Chicago, has undergone renovations from 2015–2017, they will all be given the new and upgraded treatment when possible.

“For me, SAS always stands for quality,” says Lars Eegholm. “I trust their services, the quality, the way they always do the best for their customers. The new lounges are simply another reflection of SAS’ commitment to travelers.” 

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