SAS expands its pre-ordered meal service

SAS is expanding the choice of food that SAS Go travelers can pre-order for their upcoming flights.

SAS launched its pre-ordered meal service in June last year. The service provided SAS Go travelers on flights in Europe and Scandinavia the opportunity to pre-purchase breakfast on flights lasting ­longer than 60 minutes departing before 9am, and sandwiches and salads on flights lasting over three hours.

The service has proven to be very popular – so much so that SAS travelers have asked the airline to develop it.

From June, SAS is adding three meals to the pre-ordered meal menu. These will include a kids’ meal that consists of chicken with pasta, vegetables, a fruit drink, and a chocolate bar, and lunch and dinner meals that will change throughout the summer. The service will now be offered on most European flights lasting over two hours. Drinks will be available for purchase onboard.

The pre-ordered meal service allows SAS to broaden the selection of food and guarantee that people will be able to get the meals they want onboard.

Travelers can pre-order meals at the same time as booking flights and up to 18 hours before departure on the My Bookings page on SAS’s website.

SAS Plus travelers already enjoy a complimentary breakfast or meals on flights that last over 80 minutes. Kid’s meals can be ordered by travelers in SAS Plus through SAS Customer Service. And naturally, coffee and tea are always free in all travel classes on SAS. 

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