Photo: Lars Daniel Terkelsen
Photo: Lars Daniel Terkelsen


Ask the pilot: Can I visit the cockpit?

What is the true speed of an airplane? Which airport approaches are the most spectacular? The best people to answer your questions about the wonders of aviation are SAS pilots.


Name: Susanne Ryhl
Age: 56
Career: Joined SAS as a flight attendant in 1985. Became a pilot in 1991 and an SAS First Officer in 1996. Became an SAS Flight Captain in 2015.
Home base: CPH
Flies: Airbus A319/320/321
Flight hours: 12,000

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I’ve heard that the approach to Sola/Stavanger has a fantastic view from the cockpit. Is there any way for a passenger to sit in the jump seat in the cockpit during a flight, or is it forbidden?


Hi Espen,

You’ve heard right! The approach to Stavanger, and indeed many other airports around the world, is breathtaking, and one that we as pilots always appreciate.

After 9/11, we are no longer allowed to let passengers into the cockpit during a flight (with very few exceptions). As you probably know, the cockpit door is locked from pushback from the gate until the aircraft is back at the gate after landing and the engines are shut down.

When on the ground, if you are interested in seeing the cockpit and saying “hello” to the pilots, you are always welcome to ask one of the cabin crew whether it’s possible. Our colleagues in the cabin will forward your ­request and if we’re not too busy, you’re welcome to come in.

Flight Captain Susanne Ryhl

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